Applying for E-Residency: What Is It Like?

If you work remotely, it is time to learn what cool opportunities are accessible to you. One of those is applying for e-residency. You get the chance to live in one of the best places on Earth and work from there. Isn’t it great? But certainly, there are specific requirements linked to this program, and it is essential to get a general idea about them in advance. This will help you to come across the process of applying painlessly and easily. So, let’s begin our journey then!
The first aspect you should keep in mind is this: normally it is a good service provider who is guiding you all the way through the program. Accordingly, you have to make less effort and spend less time.
The second point to learn about is as follows: currently, you can apply for e-residency in several countries but Estonia and Portugal are one of the leaders. In other words, the procedure of dealing with applying linked to these countries will be rather smooth.

Estonian E-Residency: A Few Basic Guidelines
Once you make a decision to apply for an Estonian e-residency, you will receive access to the services that are offered by the government and will be able to enjoy all benefits of integration into the European business environment.
There are not too many documents that should be collected to start the process. You will be obliged to present a copy of your valid passport, a digital passport photo, and a cover letter that will contain why you are motivated to apply for the program at all.
The whole procedure may take a different time, and it is absolutely okay. A minimum period that can be necessary is three weeks but you may have to wait up to eight weeks. In any case, you are going to be notified about the results.
As for the cost of the program, it depends on where you would like to pick an Estonian e-residency card. Receiving it in countries except for Estonia will be costlier (about 120 EUR).

How to Find People Who Will Be Able to Help You as Well as Possible?
One of the best ideas to stick to is to lean on the reviews that demonstrate the experience of other clients. You can draw specific conclusions based on this data, and make a final choice in the end.
Besides, it is sensible to check the site of the provider. It should be as user-friendly as possible, and you must be able to find what you want quickly.
One more aspect you need to keep in mind is this: it is okay to ask questions that worry you. What is more, it can serve as a nice way to estimate the quality of the team’s work before making a final choice.

Introducing Portuguese E-Residency
Portugal is a country that is loved by tourists. But the number of those who want to get there and work from this country keeps increasing all the time. So, applying for e-residency is going to be a great solution in this case.
The whole process of applying for a Portuguese e-residency takes several weeks. The price you will have to pay starts at 100 EUR (this is the cost of a NIF number that you are going to receive).
So, the very first step on the way to Portuguese e-residency is obtaining a NIF number. It is a tax ID that enables those who are interested to get access to any economic activity in Portugal. There is not too much stuff that has to be provided to receive NIF. A passport and proof of address will be enough.
Apart from requesting a NIF number, you also have to take care of opening a bank account in one of the reliable financial institutions in Portugal. There are a bit more docs to present but things are going to be far easier with a nice intermediary who will guide you all the way through. Opening a personal bank account may be followed by requesting a business bank account. After this, you are free to establish your own company in Portugal! Naturally, there are a few more vital steps that have to be taken but you are about to cope with the very beginning when you open an account.
Finally, the aspect you need to bear in mind is applying for a NISS number in Portugal. This way, you are going to be secure and will receive the necessary help when being in a difficult life situation. One of those are disability, sickness, childbirth, and so on.
As you see, it is not too hard to apply for e-residency in such countries as Estonia and Portugal. It is going to be even easier if you have nice assistants by your side. Good luck!